I'm going to change the strings on my western guitar for the first time but I don't know what size to get so I'm wondering what you guys think is the nicest.
Well, your guitar probably has 12s or something similar on it so you should stick to it if you've been feeling comfortable.

On changing strings. Take it slowly man! There's no pressure at all. I used to get really worked up and stressed when changing strings because I'd always muck it up. So I just started to relax and things start going much more smoothly. Buy two or three sets, so that if you break a string or two on your first try you don't have a 5 stringed guitar. If you odn't break any then you'll have strings to change later on and you won't need to go buy some.

good luck!
Another good way to change strings for a beginner is to change them one at a time starting with the thickest string first. Bring each string up to the correct pitch with the other strings so when they are all changed, you'll be in the right ballpark regarding tuning [naturally they will stretch and go out of tune a bit] and each string will be on the correct tuner. I do it this way on a really old guitar I have so as not to upset the neck tension balance between the truss-rod and string tension by taking all the strings off at once.

As for everything Else to do with changing strings, go to the site Confucius mentioned.

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