ok, so im a bassist (no jokes please) & im planning to also learn guitar to a certain extent. mostly for the purpose of songwriting & comunicating musical ideas.
down to the point, i need a guitar that, i can use for songwriting, but that can also be used for very small (mostly school based) gigs & will stay in tune.

now for the useful bit
genre played most: thrash/death metal (sepultura, metallica, morbid angel etc)
budget: £200-£300
number of frets: 24
trem?: no
generally speaking tone isnt a major factor *grabs flame shield* this is because in a live situation the audience (that were most likely to play to) generally cant tell good tone. so i was thinking that playability & stage presence would be more important.

atm, im looking at
bc rich masterpiece mockingbird/warlock/bich
dean x series/vmntx
jackson js30/x series

during practice it can be fed into an ashdown electric blue 180 (love the bass amp tone with a guitar) & live a frined of mine can lend a randall tube amp.

thanks, oh has anyone ever played a dave mustaine dean? because i cant find many reviews of them.
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I have the Masterpeice Mockingbird and its a really great guitar for the money.
Tone is ALWAYS the most important factor...get this.


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if u want a guitar that u can keep for over a year i d say save up a bit more. with 400-450ish pounds u can get a jackson rr3 with seymour duncan pickups( the most inexpensive one without the fancy paintjob-BLACK in other words).

it has a great floyd rose trem(tho u need experience with those) and amazing duncan pickups.