So, I need a way to write in Reason that is faster than the click and drag with a mouse. This takes forever and kills creativity. There is nothing worse than having a great idea pop in and in trying to key it up forget it. = no good.

Now what I need is a midi keyboard right? I mean this would allow me to put ideas down in Reason without the mouse and I would be able to do it in real time correct?

I need a board that will work with Reason, as well as other programs as I will be expanding what programs I am using as soon as money allows. ( I will prolly be getting ableton live or a program like that for audio).

Required Specifications:

I am looking to spend 300 or less. 25-49 keys as space will be tight in college dorm. and sturdy construction also up there in things that are needed.

Things that are a plus are as follows:

Great keybed, Nice feeling knobs, Easy to set up

I appreciate all the help I can get on this. If you have a board of any kind just put down the name, good yes or no, why you do/dont like it, programs you use it with. This is going to help me out a bunch.

to be honest, you can pick up just a cheap standard keyboard and link it up with a MIDI cable to your PC. Then all you do is tie it in with your sequencer and away you go...
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yea any old cheap keyboard with MIDI in and out will work for your needs...but if you want something that will last longer and have more features look into something like the M-Audio KeyStation or Axiom
well, I was hoping to do this by usb.

If this is true however that all I would need is a cheapo board and a midi converter, then what is the point of a midi only keyboard? Am I missing something huge that I dont know about?

Im a little confused I guess.

I have used the Axiom boards before. I don't really care for the keys on it. They are not my favorite. I could make do if it would be the best board for the money.

Thanks for the responses.
Boards like the Axiom have controls for changing setting in the sequencer program. An old keyboard with MIDI would not be able to do things like this...

I think the Axiom boards are very nice for the price range. Some people like the key feel however I think the more important parts are the on board controls it gives.

MIDI only boards only are controls. A standard keyboard with MIDI on it will allow you to trigger the keyboard using the software and then if you like the sound of that keyboard you can record using the audio output (just run it to an audio interface.)

Tweaks guide, in my sig, also has info on MIDI keyboards, you may want to look though that. Their board also has info on different controllers for each price range.
Thanks again Moody. I have taken the time to read all of tweak's stuff.

So, what you are telling me is that the only difference from a portable and a midi board is that there arnt transport buttons and knobs?

I realize that these controlls help but is there any way I could go back after I recorded midi with the portable and alter the resonance and what not through out the recording?

Now I guess I am back to square one. I'm not quite sure what to do.

I still need suggestions. And thanks again Moody.


So, what you are telling me is that the only difference from a portable and a midi board is that there arnt transport buttons and knobs?

Not exactly. MIDI only keyboards, as implied by the name, contain no internal sound engine and are used to control external synths, software, programs, etc. They have much more advanced features than portable keyboards in the areas of multi-timbral splits, layers, velocity controls, aftertouch, channel controls, etc. Anything that works on MIDI CC values of 1-128 can in theory be controlled by your MIDI keyboard if you program it correctly.

EDIT: As far as resonance, all you have to do is determine what CC# the resonance control is working on in your host synth, and program one of the knobs to function on that # on the appropriate channel.
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Sorry Guys I guess I should have been more specific in my last post. I realize that midi boards dont have audio built in.

After saying that, built in sounds don't mean all that much to me. If i was wanting that I would go for a full fledged synth.

I am looking only to opperate Reason. If a midi board isnt worth it then ill just save up for a R3 or MicroX or something of that nature.

Any conrtinued input is greatly welcomed. Thanks for the help guys.