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34 40%
10 12%
Both, for different reasons
40 48%
Voters: 84.
Which do you prefer to play. I prefer acoustic for simpler songs, but for hardcore, classic rock, punk, and metal, its all out on my electric. Poll should be up soon.

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Electric for more fun

Acoustic to be quiet or to strengthen my fingers.

Too bad I don't keep my callouses though.

But ya, mostly electric - my acoustic (a handme down) is just gathering dust right now.
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If laziness strikes, you bet i'm embracing an acoustic guitar. I also use them for drafting out chord progressions and or practicing uncommon chord shapes. But on stage, I;m strictly electrified.
You can call me strange, but ive writen, and played metal with my accoustic guitar, my electric is junk so i realy dont have a choice
I like to compose my own songs, so because i don't have a band I would have to say acoustic.....but eletric is WAY more fun and more impressive
I prefer acoustic mainly because I listen to a lot of country blues, delta blues and folk songs. I like electric I just have no drive to play it right now.
Metal is my favorite genre of music, and I love my Jackson Dinky. Lately though, I've been playing my Washburn acoustic more. I think the reason is, with my electric I'm constantly tweeking my settings trying to get such and such tone. But with the acoustic, it's pretty much love it or leave it so I end up doing more actual playing.
I prefer playing my electric because it fits my hand and fingers perfectly. I've yet to find an acoustic that does the same. Plus, it seems more precise to me; the amplification magnifies every little flaw in your playing, helping you to get better.
Is the Guitar Basics full of pretty classic noob threads or what today haha
what are you tlaking about? I am a noob please dont confuse me with big words liek that.
Honestly I learned acoustic at a young age. The only reason I keep my acoustic skills sharpened is if I need to impress a special girl lol.

Otherwise I play metal with the occasional hard rock so that's for me.

But that being said I would say both for different reasons.
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Although I personally play everything from Metal to Blues, I think they're both amazing instruments for just about any genre.

Although Acoustics don't really require an amp, they feel kind of fragile to me, so I prefer Electric for the solid body that feels like it won't break, but I'll play an acoustic if no amp is available.
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I bought an acoustic-electric for my first guitar in hopes of buying an amp when I am alot better so I can explore more with the acoustic sounds.

I also think its a good doea to have an amp because when you live in an apartment or condo you can wear headphones and practice without disturbing the wife/girlfriend/kids/meighbors.