I wish I had pics,but I don't have a camera.I need some help with finding values. My dad has a reissue Fender Reverb,and an( I believe,he can't remember when he got it) original Fender Blues Deville.Also,he has an original Vox Crybaby, and a Fender amp that says Bassman 50 on the side,and a Marshall Cab from 1970.

How much is all this stuff worth? Me and him would like to have enough to buy a Les Paul Junior,an original.
Just search the internet. I'm sure there is someone else out there that has prices of those things listed, and use them as a guideline.
Search ended sales on eBay. Those are the most reliable indicator since they'll tell you what somebody else actually paid for those items.

You have to login to eBay, click advanced search, and then tick the ended sales box.