I have a Hartke 60 watt hybrid 1x12 combo amp and like it a lot. It's a simple design with spring reverb, 2 channels, an effects loop, and a Chinese 12AX7 tube in the preamp. I am using the tube preamp's tone as the basic tone for everything, and am using a few pedals in front of the amp and a Digitech RP350 in the effects loop. The Digitech is only used as a volume pedal, noise gate, floor tuner, EQ, and for a couple of modulation effects sometimes.

The amp sounds very good to me and I play through it at church once a week with mostly clean tones. It has a very American voicing, but my taste is starting to lean towards a more chimey British Vox like tone. I don't want to completely change the tone of this amp and basically like the way it sounds. But it would be cool if it could become a little more defined and glassy sounding.

Can I get this with a preamp tube change? Been doing some reading online and it looks like the Slovakian made JJ tubes might move the tone more in this direction. I'm also thinking about upgrading the speaker, probably an Eminence, haven't decided on model yet.

Please don't recommend an amp upgrade. I know this is a cheap amp, I don't care, it sounds great, and it does what I want. I have an all tube amp, have played through many other all tube amps, and am not trying to upgrade a cheap amp just because "I don't know any better".
I'm not convinced that upgrading the one tube would make THAT much of a difference. It's worth trying, though, since it's a fairly inexpensive upgrade.
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