Some of you might have read the other post i made earlier today (deleted now) so sorry for duplicate threads but this is concerning some other things as well.

Anyway, I have an Ibanez RG321 with a Roland Cube 30X, which I bought last year as a beginner setup. Now I also have a Line 6 Toneport GX for recording and practicing at the computer. The sort of problem is that my Toneport GX is sounding so much better in my ears compared to my Cube 30X and the sound in general is kind of messy playing heavy stuff like Metallica, Iron Maiden and stuff like that.

I'll have to admit I'm not very much into finding the perfect setup with the amp so that might be a problem as well. But I just can't get a good sound out of my amp so I'm almost never using it. I rather use my Toneport GX. I've seen some movies on Youtube where people get really good sounds out of their Cube 30X's so I'm a little confused why I can't get nowhere near their quality.I can also add that I found the sound of the Cube 30X very good in the beginning but now when I've got into music a little more I find it not good enough.

That's why I'm asking myself. What is the weak link in my setup? Is my guitar too cheap? Is my amp to cheap? Will a change of pick ups do the difference? Maybe both pick-ups and amp needs to be changed? Let's say I'd make the upgrade in September, what things should I look at to improve my sound a lot? I guess the guitar itself isn't really a problem, rather the pick-ups?

Please give me some advice on what to buy to get a good sound and have a good balance in quality. So I dont buy really expensive pick ups and I can't get the best possible sound out of them because of my low budget amp, and stuff like that.

Im playing almost everything. Mostly rock and metal though, like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and all classic rock out there. So some examples of what to buy would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for such a long post but I hope it indicates how serious I am about this.

Thanks in advance!
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I think you could use some effect pedals
Go buy a distortion or something.
I'm sure it will sound better
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Yeah not really a weak link, ^^^^ you would definetly benefit from a pedal. heard good things about the metal muff.
Chances are your ears are starting to get a better idea of what quality tone is. I was the same way, I originally thought my spider's sounds were the climax of all musicality (hahahahahahaha), but as my experience with the guitar grew I discovered how lacking in tone it really is. I'd follow the advice of the previous 2 posts and just look for pedals that give a tone that's "usable" for you. If that still doesn't satisfy you, your best bet will be to start looking at tube amps.
Like I said in your previous thread - the amp is the most likely bottleneck.
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The amp! I remember when I started out on guitar, and my little Hiwatt SS sounded like a chorus of angels. But then, it all changed. So I got an MG, thought that sounded better, and turns out it sounded like shite. And then I spent tons of money making it sound good again. (Yes, I know a few guitarists who said it sounded very tube-ish)

(I still hate it though)

Anyways, back to the original matter, get a new amp. Maybe a Laney VC30 and an OD?
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I dont no how good pedals will sound with a ss modeller like a cube. Also, i dont recommend basing your tone around a pedal.

I agree with everyone who told you to get a new amp. A vc30/15 like what LilMacker said would be a good choice
ok, I'll definately look up those amps, other amps that fit my sort of music is appreciated. Another thing I'm wondering about amps. I have this model amp or what it's called. Do amps like the one suggested have different modes like "acoustic" "classic stack" "metal" and so on or is it just an amp an I need pedals for different effects?

thanks for the answers.
try finding a video where you like the tone and ask the guy what his settings are. if you dont have an account, find the video and give me the link. ill ask.

it might be best to just get a new amp. we can give you better amp advice if we had a budget. if you did give one and i missed it, sorry.
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Ok, im not totally sure what my budget will be. My birthday is the 28th so I'll get some money then (already got my present, Guild Gad 40CE acoustic :P) and I've got some other things to sell (like my Roland Cube). But I'd guess it'll be like 400-500 euro. I'll have to order from europe so the prices won't fit the US.

here are some links to good european sites Im considering using.

edit: wouldn't my cheap pick ups be some sort of bottle neck if I'd buy a rather expensive amp? Do I need to take that in to consideration?
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