Not a band! just one bassist and a box and too many instruments


Cant encode the songs to put them on ug oh well.

none of this is serious at all it sjust me mucking about with crappy instruments and seeing wat happens.

cover of crank dat.
acoustic/rap goodness

I slit my wirsts with bananas.
Power metal/acoustic/gay satan (me with -1 octave vocals) on guest vocals and arabian guitar solo.

Jizzing to jazz skafunk
disco ska funk jazz everything! with a fusion drum beat

hit me baby - britney spears cover
Sang on helium on acoustic guitar with multiple key changes lmfao

dont sit on my trilby (we get depressed too)
vocals havnt been added by the drummer in my other band but will be. acousticy epic goodness.

plonk plonk
I was messing around and got bored hafway through so i started hitting my ****ty electric guitar (not my 72 tele custom) lol and considering it wasnt tuned at all or anything i think it doesnt sound too bad and im hitting something else in the back ground too.

my real band which is playing our last gig this weekend is www.myspace.com/sevenstarsrebellion.com