hi guys...i recently got a puppy bulldog who is about 3 months old.

the thing is...when i try to take him out for a short walk
so he can get some exercise in as he should-
he won't walk!!!!

he'll throw himself on peoples lawn
or he just won't walk! >.<

i don't know what to do!!!

so...if anyone here is good with bulldogs
or knows about them...help me out?

like is it his age?
is he too young to walk?

(")_(")....just cuz

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Cattle prod.

Or maybe he just hates you.
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3 months? Too young to walk?

He's just stubborn, like nearly all bulldogs.
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my dog wouldn't go for walks until he was 6 months old, we settled for taking him in the garden XD nowadays he'll only go out at 6.30 in the morning, then we have to settle for going in the garden again lol - he is now nearly 3 years old. btw, mines a mastiff/dogue de bordeux cross, so probs more stubborn than your dog.
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Keep in mind when they're puppies they don't need nearly as much exercise as when they're older. Try grabbing a toy he likes and taking it with you see if that works. Keep doing that and then try removing the toy after a while. Keep the walks shortish while he's still a puppy though.
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I think he might just hate you. ^^
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I used to have one, and he did the same thing. He'd just sit down in the middle of the walk and wouldn't go anymore. Maybe lure him along with treats as he walks?

EDIT: Not treats, just individual pieces of fog food. He probably won't know the difference anyway, and they're better for him than treats.