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8 40%
Dying Fetus
9 45%
The Faceless
5 25%
9 45%
6 30%
Voters: 20.
So I'm buying a few shirts online but I can't decide exactly which ones I want. I already have the following shirts:

1x Black Dahlia Murder
1x Death
1x Suffocation
1x Pantera
1x Randy Rhoads Tribute

and I already know I'm getting the following:

1x Municipal Waste
1x Ne Obliviscaris

So of the following shirts, which 3 do you think I should get?

http://www.myspace.com/arsis (scroll down about half way to see merch and tell me which shirt you like best)

I'm open to any suggestions. If you see a shirt from one of these bands you like better, let me know. Thanks guys. Please don't select more than 3 options in poll.
You posted the same thing in the Metal Forum...

I'm going to post the same shirt though.

Don't get any of those faggot bands. Except Necrophagist.
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Necro, Arsis, and Skeletonwitch.
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you should get the tshirt of the heaviest band known to man, not listen to them and preach about how all other bands are gay.
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