I've been looking into getting a wah pedal for my setup. I play metal so can anybody recamend a wah pedal thats good for metal and hard rock
get a morley high gain wah.
or the Tremonti signature wah, awesome machine.
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Weeping Demon is pretty nice, more features than tone though. Go play a few see what you like, but def give the weeping demon a shot. I think its probably one of the better wahs for metal anyway.
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Whats your budget, a friend of mine has the dimebag wah and said its pretty awesome - hes a metal head. Ive also heard really good things about the zakk wylde sig wah aswell. I cant really comment on any others tho cos ive only really played crybabys
price range? Also, check out the ultimate wah thread like MaXiMuse sed
Morley. hands down. Crybabys are ok but sometime there hard to switch on and off. With a Morley you just start to use it and it turns on.
+ 1 on the Ultimate Wah thread. Don't go after the ZW wah though, no offense MaxiMuse, but I used one of a friends for a little while and it sounds good until you listen to it after an actually good wah.
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