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What delay would you recommend me between these ones (Based on the delay time they have, the warmth of their sound, etc)

Line6 DL4
Maxon AD999
Ibanez AD9
EH Deluxe Memory Man
T-Rex Replica
Boss DD3
TC Nova Delay

Something else?
Behringer DD400 is great for the price.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

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T.C. nova kicks all of their asses, but its quite expensive.
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im going for the T-rex replica , its just my pers. fav

you have to test 'm yourself , the T-rex replica is one expensive mofo tho!
You could always wait till the BYOC analog delay comes out next month, if you don't mind kits (you could always get it pre-built though). Shouldn't me more than $100, 1.2 seconds of true warm analog delay and true bypass. It's gonna be my next pedal.
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dd-20 or really dd-anything
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The Deluxe Memory Man has a distinct tone to it -- very warm, and modulated with chorus or vibrato. I think it is a little less versatile than some other delays on the market, but if you like its signature sound, it is worth it. It takes a little treble from your tone when in use, but it makes harmonics sing out. The newer models are true bypass, too. For a vintage analog delay tone, it is a classic.
I love the DL4 for it's looping capabilities, but I have heard better sounding delay pedals. Plus it's about $100 more than it should be.
The Line6 DL4 is AWESOME. I also like the loop feature added in on it.

Again, there are better delays, but they come at a cost.
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Out of your choices I would probably pick the T.C. nova. But the T-Rex is tempting also.
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