I decided to go for a godin EMG and the guy gave me a free setup.
I will go tomorrow for it, but I don't know what to tell him to do. I like a lot of bands in D standard, but I like playing a lot of metallica (E standard)
I know that dropping a step in a standard guitar will make the strings kinda loose but it will cause nothing mayor, but I dont know if putting in E standar a guitar that was setup for D would ruin the neck. (lots of tension)
I was also thinkin in changing gauges to 11's in case that I go for de D tunning.
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but detuning after a set-up doesn't change anything about the set-up does it? Unless you use a Floyd Rose or something. From what I understand, if it is set-up in Standard, tuning to D standard will not change it.
a friend told me that changing the strings and tuning will requiere to adjust the rod of the guitar, and that the tension would have to be incresed in lower tunings in order to avoid mega loose strings, so I think that tunning the guitar higher (In e standard..) will put a tremendous amount on the neck... but im not sure
and BTW its a hard tail
I think that as long as you dont leave it in D for ages its fine to switch between for a song or 2
My Beginner setup:
Ibanez rg321mh
Roland Micro cube
If you have another guitar, just have that one set up for D Standard.

If not, so long as you don't leave it in the alternate tuning for too long, it shouldn't be a problem.