Hey, im new to UG, and u know i made a profile and stuff, And then i saw u could like send in a little music, and guitar Techinqs and stuff. But HeY! How the heck do i make Mp3 file, so i tought u guys could help me out...


I'm not sure what forum this belongs in really.

Generally, you could either use a microphone/software like Audacity to record youself.
Then it's a simple matter of uploading onto UG.
What do you mean "make an mp3 file"

You can use recording software like Audacity or Garageband in conjuntion with a microphone or you can get special cables to link your guitar to the computer. Once the track is recorded then convert it to mp3 and hey presto

If your track is already recorded then, if you use itunes,go into preferences>advanced>importing and change the default import to mp3 @128kbps. Then select the file, right click it and choose "convert selection to mp3. If you dont have an itunes-esque program on your computer, upload the file to [URL}http://www.zamar.com and it will covert it for you and email you a download link.

Its very important to remember that on UG profiles, all tracks MUST be mp3, otherwise they will not upload correctly and 128kbps is the optimum bit rate to ensure proper playback!