A friend of mine is covering this song:


"Just Friends" by Musiq Soulchild.

He asked me to play guitar for him while he sings it for some show.

My question is, what kind of effects/playing style can i use to make it sound pimpin? I'm not so into the hip hop genre. I have a BOSS ME-50, but i'm not sure what effects normal hip hop artists use.

We'll also be playing an Usher song.
Just play a record player like those kinds of people do anyway. You don't need a guitar, you need a record player.
He wants me to back him up on guitar, and i think that's pretty cool, i think he just wants that raw flow going.
is he going to do the voice intro, or will you play that? either way, it'd be cool. also, are you going to play the organ part? 'cause that's just chords
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You could get a close organ sound with a chorus effect and a tremolo effect. There might be synth options that get close on the ME-50.
I was thinking having a light/medium tremolo effect, maybe pump up the mid on my amp.

I think he's going to start with the beatboxing part, i was thinking of following him a little during that part, then breaking into the chords/little riffs.

He also wants me to make a solo transition in between the two songs, which i can do pretty easily.
Maybe some a light crunch I would say, along with the chorus and tremelo. And, if you can, use humbuckers to get the bass out. Trust me, you need the bass in RNB/hip hop.
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Be like Tom Morello and get some pitch shifting, or maybe like a phaser as well and just make really spaced out sounds. I think if you could do something like the song "War Within a Breath", that would be kinda cool.

EDIT: Maybe not, since War Within a Breath is really harsh sounding, vs. the song you're doing which is more laid back. But I still think a phase sound would be cool.
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I think a phaser would be awesome. But i'd have to choose either phase or tremolo, based on my effects board.

I'm using my Les Paul, so i'll get that nice deep sound.

I'm just thinking take it real easy, some nice slow slides and such