I want to add some control to my champ. Mainly adding Mid, Treble, and Bass control. I know which resistors do what in the tone stack. R21/20: Treble, R22: Bass R19: Mids.

I can pretty easily add the controls to the bass and mid spots, but I want to know which wires go to which lugs on the pot, also what value pot to use.

And how would I wire a treble contol, being it has 2 resistors?

If someone can show me a picture on how to wire this it would be great. I can only slightly read schematics, so just a paint drawn picture would be cool.

Also would this increase gain a lot? I know removing the tonestack increases gain alot, but it is almost too much. It wouldn't realy increase gain at all because you are not removing the tone stack, you are just adding control to it, right?