and another finally
back to my standard metal core, but with a bit more maiden in it

when i added strings and stuff, it went from standard metalcore, to my regualar- epiccore, but better than usual

this is a short one on gp, that when i recorded went on for a zeppelin esque total of 13 minutes, if you have audacity i might be able to send you that, but the drums suck haha

but its a nice song i think, listen more than once before critting, it helps

c4c as always =)

listen to the new one, its down there
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You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

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haha, thanks sinister,

but wow
guess that version wasnt too popular lol

heres the updated one, its got synths and more solos and everything
wayy better


i just made it about 2 minutes longer, and way better
this post contains the updated one
guilty come home epica.zip
Quote by metul kult
You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

twitter: @victorstaygold
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The beginning was good. It seemed kinda strange. I really liked the riff at 40 and how the drums kicked in. However I didn't like some of the notes in it. Also, the diminished break down part was really good...my only real big concern were the transitions. I was not feeling it.


Crit mine?
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for the most part I agree with guitarguy - there are some really good ideas there, especially the first one, but the transitions are non-existent. The first drum fill would be a good idea, but you use triplets, when you've never used them before in the song, breaking up the feel you had going. Also, on a cosmetic note - for the orchestra hits, try to just stick to single note octaves. It should sound fine on guitar pro, but the software just hates harmonising that "instrument".

Next section at 35 is another really good heavy riff, and a good idea - just expand it. First three bars of solo were good, but didn't get the fourth one at all, or indeed any of the second solo - make the second more melodic, and to be honest, parts of it just sounded like you'd plugged random notes into guitar pro and played them fast (it might work *debatable* for Malmsteen et al. but I prefer a more melodic solo. Power Metal isn't always all about speed - practically all of Dragonforce's best moments are when they combine fast runs with slow phrases).

Breakdown could work I guess - but it's so out of context with the drum breaks I have no idea what you intend to do with it. End of bar 89 is very good however - that's the kind of transition you should be aiming for - obviously not the same every time, but it's so much more fluid than the random fills.

So anyway, I'm critting this as an "ideas whiteboard" kind of piece. Most of the riffs are solid - the intro sounds a bit odd to begin with, but by the time the piece moves on, it really fits. Well done on making the 10/8 sig work. Other than that, work on the structure and solo. I can't give you much more feedback really because as a song it's just non-existent I'm afraid. The riffs are good, but there's no structure. It's like a medley of songs nobody knows. The riffs have potential though - definitely one to work on.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=930195

- very different to your style, hence why I'd like your opinion

Keep it up
Really nice intro, sorta epic, moody and mysterious. Nice solos, I did however not like the sudden stops in between the solos that much. I'm not a fan of the open-note chugga chugga breakdowns, but this one wasn't that bad. The harmonized leads after it sounded pretty good. I think you should put the drums in triads if the guitars are playing in triads too, right now it sounds a bit weird. The solo which started at bar 114 was really nice. Can you play the solos though :P?
Overall a really nice song, although I don't normally like metalcore (this one didn't even sound that much like metalcore actually).