Hey, i know a tiny bit about MIDI, dont worry i have tried google, but it doesnt answer all my questions, or its just raised more questions than it answers... Anyway, im just after mostly basic info, and some complicated.

Midi pickups, i've often thought of buying a Boss or roland midi pick up, and i've seen it quite cheap, but its just offering the pick up and holder onto guitar - the roland that is -, and i was if you need the roland foot pedal with it? Or any Midi pedal to control it? Simple question i know, but unless someone tells you, you just cant get it anywhere.

Say i buy a line 6 for a rack, thats operated via midi, do i need a laptop/pc to plug it into to operate it? or does it plug into my amp, or can i plug it straight into my amp?

Kaoss pads, seeing a trend of muse here? :P Anyway, kaoss pads - naturally this just bemuses me like a moth to a light bulb, but i have absolutely no idea of how it works, or how it can be used in conjunction with guitar, i mean can you just get a guitar cable, take one of the jacks off, and replace it with a midi jack then it will work? I did this with a mic into an old guitar amp instead of buying a full on speaker, and it worked great, so thats my line of thought...

And any other information on midi would be greatly appreciated, thanks alot guys.
MIDI pickups - you need a pitch-to-midi converter. The pickup is actually 6 pickups, one for each string - the unit doesn't do any processing. Roland GR guitar synths will do it, they also sell standalone converters. There are other brands but I expect you'd need their proprietary pickup.

Line6 - the MIDI implementation is so you can automate parameter changes in a DAW and to connect a suitable foot pedal for live stuff. You can plug it straight into your amp.

Kaoss - no idea what they are. Sticking a MIDI jack onto a guitar lead won't work at all. MIDI has nothing to do with actual audio.

MIDI - a standardized form of messaging to tell something when to play a note, when to stop it, pitch, how loud etc. It also involves 'controllers', examples are volume, pan, almost anything that requires continuous data (rather than on/off) can be a controller. That's a very rough outline. Google for more info.
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