Ok, so firstly hi to all and thanks in advanced for those who wish to help. I know this may seem like a lengthy post but i wish to make it clear about my current problem. I've been browsing on UG for a while now only really registered recently. Now after being a new electric guitar player for an approach of 2 years now. I take a great passion in the works of the solo artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani etc. I went out and bought myself a Cort EVL K4 guitar recently to learn songs by the metal Band Avenged Sevenfold as i thought it would be more of a stepping stone to reaching my goals. I firstly started on muse and can easily cover there stuff and was already on the way to posting videos on youtube of my work on that www.youtube.com/graymic
However im finding it hard to carry on with the guitar as im being discouraged by the "i will never ever be able to play songs by Yngwie Malmsteen" Where my favourite has to be Blue and Arpeggios from Hell. For example songs from a7x such as Beast and Harlot i can play after about a year n half of playing.
ie doing 16 15 14 13 from High E to low E in that order going down, but thats nothing imo ie as some songs involve 16 15 13 12 which i just cant do...

I find easily to pull off at fast speeds. Its when it goes something along the lines of.
16 15 14 13 14 15 16 15 14 13 14 15 16
I just cannot get the motion. This is the same for sweeping etc i can only sweep down and not up.
Im seriously thinking of quitting and not bothering anymore, but i really want to see it through to be a decent player aswell. My friends and family say i have talent but i should start taking lessons as i havent had any lessons in my life.
But what would you suggest in order for me to improve my skill and what techniques to start learning. Im into melodic speed not random note smashing obviously and i love the idea of organised playing, but this is really starting to get me down.
Thanks in advanced.
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Speed is a by-product of accuracy. Don't push yourself. Play really slowly, but play it perfectly. Read some of Freepower's lessons, he has a lot on this.

Take it easy man, in my first year of playing I couldn't do jack ****, and I thought I could.l It'd dawned on me that I'm not as good a guitarplayer I want to be or thought I was, so I have to keep working. You've just hit one of those moments and it happens to all of us. Just keep working at it.
keep at it!

If you practice when you want and you enjoy what your doing it doesn't matter what you can paly...but if you keep doing it you will eventually be able to play those songs

Speed comes with accurracy...as the guy above said
Its quite annoying though hehe, Im guessing as im currently 18 and started when i was 17 ish i will be in my mid 20's before i even start being able to perfect malmsteen songs haha oh well its the journey i guess which is the fun of it.

Would you recommend getting lessons or am i fine at learning myself?
Regarding feeling discouraged, check out these two links on youtube. Both are by players in their late teens, who have been playing 4-6 years. Both are pretty tight, especially the kid from Finland who plays Sea of Lies.

My point is, this is how well you can play after only a few years if you work hard at the instrument. You don't have to wait 7 or 8 years. It's basically up to you. The more you put into the instrument, the more you'll get back.

Anyway, good luck.