So, I'm trying to record some demos in my $150 basement studio and having some serious trouble mixing vocals. It might be because they're not recorded with a nice preamp and nice mic and whatever else, but I feel like I should be able to do much better than what I've got now. This recording is just up until the first chorus. The effect that I have on the vocals at the end of the chorus is an effect I use live. However, live I use a phase shift pedal to give a "megaphone feel". I used a fuzz plugin to try to reproduce it, here.


Thanks for any tips, comments or help. If this is the wrong place to post this, feel free to move it! Thanks again
well i'm no pro , never even mixed vocals , but

i think the vocals are not the "problem" , i think it's the music behind it , in my opinion everything(except vocals) needs to be louder , the drum more "ompf" (EQ on the bass drum)
yea then it should sound alot better (again i'm no pro.. but i would try it that way if it was my song)

and +1 what Sora 01 said
english is not my native language
Yeah the quality sounds fine, it's the mixing. Mixing vocals sucks.
You could mess around with some reverb, but I don't think that's necessarily the issue.
I think you need to use a compressor/limiter or whatever the thing is that puts the vocals at a more constant volume. Then lower the levels a bit so they're not quite as loud in general.
Good luck.
Hey guys! As for the volume of the track, I brought the vocals up a bit so you could hear them a bit better, as they're my immediate focus. Thanks for all the tips thus far