I really have no idea where to go with this piece, I really like this short little riff so far but I dont know what to do with it. I want it to just be a solo piece with just acoustic guitars. Anyone have any ideas? Its in drop D. Thanks!
You know it's actually easier to play in standard tuning?

Anyway, it's awesome to solo over, I looped it and improvised over it, can get some really beautiful melodies out of this. You could go that method, although it'd be harder if you wanted to keep it as acoustic only.

You could fool around with key changes or modal interchange while keeping the basic idea behind the song the same. Or just keep coming up with new lines. Or switch to kind of a strummy thing with one guitar and have the other one keep playing like it is.

There really are a million things you could do with this. I definitely see why it's causing you trouble though, it kind of feels like it wants to stay in the same place and keep doing what it's doing and not change. But it is a really great line.
like icronic said, just put parts on loop and noodle over it. once you find something you like, write it in. that will be the easiest way to bring in some nice lead melodies.

and it's actually impossible to play in standard considering he has the last chord an open D
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