Here is the first song I've ever written, I'm 14 by the way. It's kind of thrashy but not completely. I plan on adding another riff at the end of the song, so the end of the song isn't really the end though it does seem to work out anway. I'm proud of it but I need some outside critisicm. I have a pretty rockin' solo written but its really hard to get it to work on Gp. Feel free to mute the drums they're a bit of a joke. I'm not too experienced but I'll critique anyone else's song if they give me some feedback. Thanks
Thrashy Metal Bonanza.zip
Pretty good for a first song.

Good riffs, good ideas, it does repeat itself a little too much, but that's no big deal.

There's definitely room for improvement, but there's nothing bad about it as it is.

You could spice up the riffs a little more, you're sticking with straight 8th notes for the majority of the song, varying that or adding little pauses or whatever could do a lot. The bass having a unique part to play instead of echoing the guitars could also do a lot for you. Just little things here and there to add variation and keep things fresh.

Either way it's good though. Although the bass and drums could be turned down a little