Cube. No contest.
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But the Vox looks better.
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Definitely the cube. Roland/Boss sure can get it right sometimes.
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wow, im suprised there are so many votes for the cube. My music store let me take both the ad3ovt and the 30x home to try side by side. for cleans, it was no contest. the vox was so sharp and clear where as the roland just sounded muddy and dull no matter what it was set at. High gain the cube lived up to its rep, but the vox has so much adjustability I couldnt see getting the cube on the lone fact that it was only slightly better in the high gain part. Hope this doesnt get you confused.
I had a cube 15, it had a transistor radio sound. I bought it as it seemed good value, as my playing improved i got more comfortable trying out stuff in music shops, tryed a vox ad15vt . i was shopping for efects at the time. within muinets i new what id been missing with the Cube... Vox has a load of good effects ,a load of amp sounds and is seriosly the best bit of beginner kit iv bought... i slapped my money down... its worked perfectly for 3 years now . probably not loud enough for band practice, but great for home use, good distortion at low volume, dosnt p*** the neibours off. I ran a drum machine thru the Roland, it did that ok it was just a horrable guitar sound. The Vox is a little gem, youll find out what old boys (like me) mean about guitar playing being all about tone... from crystal clear clean to wall of sound distorted.
Im shure that this applys to the 30 watt amps too.
I prefer the Vox for everything except br00t4lz.
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