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Well, death metal songs about cumming blood are very loud to begin with, but I crank it to about 150% or so.
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nice discovery, sir.

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Loud enough so that I can hear all of the parts, but not loud enough to damage my hearing, or irritate people around me.
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on headphones: full blast
they always break though..
you can't fully listen to music without blocking out everything else

on speakers.. loud enough
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Loud enough to drown out any other noise... but not too loud.
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Depends. Normally not intrusive. When I put music on and go to sleep, it's at a level I can only just hear. If I'm using headphones, I only have the right one in, and it's at a volume I can hear, whilst still being able to hear clearly with my left ear.
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With headphones, relatively quiet.

With speakers, quite loud.. depending on the amp...

Idiots. I listen to my music at whatever volume it's comfortable.
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Depends where I am/what time it is.

At my parents' house, usually pretty quiet through speakers, but full blast through headphones. Unless I'm sleeping, then it goes down a little.

At my place, I have my PC hooked up to my Hi-fi which is VERY loud. I don't use headphones at my place, I just turn the volume down after about midnight. Then it's loud enough in my room, but not really audible past my door.
Speakers - Loud enough to comfortably fill the room, plus just a bit more
Headphones - 1/4 in most situations, 1/2 on a train/plane etc.
my ipod is at around half volume most of the time but if i'm walking along a busy road with traffic etc then it gets to about 75% but never above that.
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I like it real quiet. Even in the car, it's only on 9-10. My dad turns it up to 13 or so and I tell him to turn it down
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just loud enough to hear the music and words, but enough to drown out others words.
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Loud enough to be audible and low enough so that I can hear others when they try to get my attention.
Not that loud really. I have no reason to blast it. And it's through headphones.
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In my truck at max volume, treble, bass, mids, everything with all the windows down, I like to ride in a "concert on wheels," so to speak.
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In my truck at max volume, treble, bass, mids, everything with all the windows down, I like to ride in a "concert on wheels," so to speak.

I hate it when people do that.
Loud on headphones and when I'm working out, but otherwise average or kind of soft. I want to be able to enjoy music when I'm old too... plus a lot of my music-listening happens in bed as I'm going to sleep.
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i actually listen fairly quietly, mostly cause i live in an apartment =[
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I listen to my music at night, just loud enough to drown out the a/c. I turn it up for songs that I really like.
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