I really liked his sound on Rock Discipline, on the intro/outro music and the improvised solo he played to demonstrate the application of scalar technique to improvising. Could anyone recommend me some stuff he's done with Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment where his tone is as it was at the time Rock Discipline was recorded? I've heard Suspended Animation and I thought it was pretty cool, but I really liked his tone and phrasing as it was on Rock Discipline.
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His tone on RD is when he used to use his Ibanez sigature JPM. It's got the RG attitude.
His newer tone with MusicMan is impeccable I gotta say. So clear, so meaty and soars through. Though it's almost too perfect, and that's sometimes a double edged sword.

LTE - both albums
DT - Images, Awake, Six Degrees. Then check out Train of Thought, a full-out heavy album w/ 7 strings and C standard tuning.
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I'd say the best albums I can think of are Images and Words and Metropolis Pt2: Scenes From a Memory.

His solo album is also worth a look; it shows a slightly different side of his playing that doesn't often get shown in his other work but it's still very distinctly him.
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I really enjoyed his playing on Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence as well as Scenes From a Memory personally. Images and Words was also a stellar album. Mind, this is all with Dream Theater, and I've heard some of his solo work is by far, the most impressive even when compared to his work with Dream Theater.

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Scenes From a Memory- my friend gave me that cd and said "this cd changed my life" and I laughed and he said "dude seriously". And it changed mine too, musically and... not spiritually (im atheist) but something like that. philosophically I guess. This is Concept Albums at its best. listen beginning to end in one shot the first time tho. youll cry.
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i really like his playing with the explorer's club. they're a progressive "supergroup" with JP playing most of the guitar parts on the album. they only wrote two albums and i have only heard the first album, but i love it. they wrote age of impact in 1998 so petrucci would have been using his ibanez on the album. i would definitely check out age of impact if i were you.

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...and Marty Friedman plays on Raising the Mammoth.


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