Born into a world
full of injustice and wars
death is ruling over life
When you are born
in misfortune and Inferiority,
when you feel unappreciated

Same species but different,
underestimated and contradicted
Ugly and worst than any other
trapped in an endless maze

No other way,
can't escape this life
the inferior creature,
runs in hope and fear
life goes on,
but not for the inferior

No respect for the inferior
self-esteem totally destroyed
life's never been that hard
Now it's time for death,
Trashed by the same species
betrayed by your own blood

It's like Judas did to Jesus
life's not fair,
who's bad and who's good
in this life it's like that

For yourself you have to fight,
nobody's gonna do it for you
grab you mind and soul
and do all the god from above,
has given you the power to do
"I wish I had a Dean :/ Some day I will get my wings too "

I am a beginner guitarist and I am so proud I joined the guitar world ^^ It's pretty cool. Songs I learned till now :

Talk by Coldplay