What's the different between Drive and Gain, I turned up the gain on my small amp, and it gave it distortion, Then I turned up the Drive on my big amp and It didn't get distortion. So whats the diference between drive and gain?
a bright switch is like a treble boost and gives your sound a more brighter top end.
Um... they're pretty much the same thing.

What two amps did you use to compare with?

EDIT: because my Spider III has a drive knob, and it's just another word for distortion.

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The drive control controls how much you push the (virtual) tube and gain sets the amount of distortion added to your dry signal.

So, they are pretty much the same.

No its not.

Gain and drive on amp are two different names for the same thing.

Gain is simply signal output, when you turn it too high, your signal clips and you get "distortion" or "overdrive".
well I've got the basic controls with treble and stuf I'v got two inputs on sais High Gain one says low there is also a bright swith and a drive knob, and I am comparing a sunn sl-160 and a yamaha practice amp
Ok, when you say "basic controls with treble and stuff," what does that include? Is it just an EQ? Or is there a master volume control in there too?
Single channel channel? or dual channel?

What happens when you turn up the drive knob?
dual, and when I turn up the drive it gets louder and, makes every note kind of sound like popping