Just bought a dual recto and would like to set up a nice pedal board.

What would be some neccesary pedals? i.e type and brand.
I'm thinking a good reverb pedal, a delay pedal, eq pedal.

what are some good brands that will be reliable and not sound like poo!
Cost doesn't matter.

I play everything from clapton to metallica. so think every genra.
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Boss, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, are all good brands. reverb, and delay are essential, i don't see why you would need an eq since there is one on your amp, unless you want more tonal control, chorus pedal, maybe a wah pedal.
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id get a nice overdrive. not only can you use it to tighten up your distortion sound, but you can use it on its own for lighter gain stuff
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yeah, first get an overdrive.

but for second, i'd recommend a delay pedal, or a reverb pedal... but that's just me.

I've heard good things about the Boss DD-3 Delay....

Overdrive, reverb, wah, phaser, maybe chorus if you're into that and a delay is also always lots of fun.

For overdrive get an Ibanez TS9 or Fulltone OCD or something similar. Reverb a EHX Holy Grail or Line 6 Verbzilla. Phaser a MXR Phase 90 or EHX Small Stone, an EHX Small Clone for chorus and a MXR Carbon Copy for your delayed sounds.
the best distortion pedal i have ever played is the HOT CAKE by crowther audio... it has the warmest and thickest sound without sounding like metal their made in new zealand but definitely worth the effort, that said i think now they distribute around the world so i'd definitely look into that.... only bad thing about the pedal is the price....!!not CHEAP
A Tubescreamer (or some variation of) can really tighten up the Dual Recto.
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I'm really happy with my DD-3 and Whammy. If you're not looking for long delay times I think you should get a DD-3; if you want longer delay times look at a DD-6 or DD-7, or even DD-20.
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Reverb- Dr. Scientist RRR (sick reverb) or a Holy Grail +
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OD- Keeley SD-1
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