hey two quick questions regarding wide legato high up the neck, such as




First off, sounding the 22nd fret with a hammer-on is pretty tricky for me as the frets are so small, is this simply a case of practicing such that I hammer with the very tip of my pinky, and do so relatively hard to get it to ring sufficiently?

Secondly, the 2nd line is a fairly big stretch for me when playing standing - how do you guys keep a tension free hand when doing wide legato such as this? Is it just a case of practicing the stretch until it feels more natural?

first issue: if you're feeling troubles in the stretch length, don't do it with legato yet, because it won't help you much. first, i'd practice them with picking, and only, but ONLY when i'd feel comfortable with that stretch, would i try doing it with legato. and of course, practice slowly and only until you start to feel a sore wrist, and if you feel it is gonna hurt you, don't push it. it might as well really happen.

second issue: answer is above. practice stretches while sitting first. and if you still won't be able to do those stretches after you're all masterful of mastery, just place your guitar upper. i sure can't do the stuff joe satriani does at the height he places his guitar. he's crazy.