Gravity is different when you experience it for the first time.
It aquires a new meaning
You understand it much better now
You brave the day
like a nightmare.
Smoke collects, forming a pillar from your mouth.
Life is a slideshow of events
says he, "Do you best on each frame."
But does every second really matter
or is it the whole product people see with their prodding eyes
and watery mouths
Is it it's b-b-brevity that collects
events on a water-drop
in a tiny pudddle you concentrate
your emotions make the water ripple.
You forgot to edit the one on the left at 1 minute in,
It ruined everything else

I pity your ability to swallow a song in your gut
like food you live by that, yeah you live by that.
Which part
doesn't make sense to you?
Maybe it was forgotten,
or worse yet
Developed an idea of something it was not.

But you don't know I like watching you play
It's both a joy and a pain
We're perfectly fine together but not together
more like in my mind
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian