hey everyone,i`d like to take ur opinion ...
i was goin to buy ltd mh-400 and i`m still thinking of gettin it until i saw this guitar:
it`s Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe Electric Guitar

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Michael-Kelly -Hex-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar?sku=515961

it has EMG85/81 pickups , ORIGINAL floyd rose , neckthru,,,and everything just like the MH-400 , but with an ebony fretboard " i haven`t try ebony fretboards before , wat do you think of it ? is it fast like the rosewood or,,,wat`s the different between them?"
so wat do u think guyz? shall i get this michael kelly guitar or just stay with ESP LTD guitars"u kno brand name"
and some1 has wrote somethin bout the original floydroses ,that original floyd roses r not the same,,, so i`m afraid that the original floyd rose that michael kelly guitar has is crap or something,is it the same one of the ESP guitars? and i`ve sent michaelkellyguitars.com email askin them bout they floydrose and they sent me back this :
"""Its a Real Floyd....they are not done in the US any longer.. they are done
in mainly china with original floyd specs"""

hope u write guy ASAP cuz i`m gettin the guitar this week,,,i`ve been thinkin from years and now it`s the time to get a kickass guitar and rock the stage...
btw if i had more money i`d get the MH-1000 because of the original floyd rose ,,,that`s why i`m thinkin of michael kelly
your specs are correct, id perfer ebony over rosewood anyday
there was a 100$ off coupon that applied to the hex off music123 but its out of stock as ppl caught on
hey guyz
wat do u think of epiphone prophecy em2 that comes with original floyd rose and epiactive pickups and 24frets rose wood fingerboard....i`m gettin it instead of the MH-400

i`m i doin the right thing guyz?:S