ummm... not too much of this on UG but whatevs, the first rapping verse is out of time it seems and its pretty muffled, the intro and the refrains are pretty cool, i cant tell which parts u wrote and which are from other songs...
Ok this is really weird for UG... but I've been listening to alot of underground rap so I might as well comment.

The sound quality of the first verse horrible. Your rhymes are not clever at all and the way you deliver them is horrible. There is also no emotion what so ever and Im pretty sure you sampled more then half your song. Listen to alot more underground rap to get inspiration and study their songs, just dont listen to them.

Im sorry it seems as though I am flamming you but it needs to be said. If you can afford a better mic and try to write ALOT. The more the better. Also when you are working on your delivery for you lines remember that its all about the beat, not as much the rhymes (but clever rhymes can add alot to your rap)

I hope I helped a little.
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