Reverb is something that's always puzzled me. Exactly when and why would you want the reverb effect in a song?

Given how often it shows up on amps, I know I must be missing something. Anyone?
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it gives a more spacey, in a way more professional feel too the song, just dont use to much
depending on what your playing, it can also make it either more heavenly or messy ive found
more for lead i would say as well, i dont like reverb or delay on my rhythym personally but yeah
Whenever you want it and think it sounds good. I guess during solos and for lead stuff stuff it's used pretty often, but you can use it anytime, there's no real specific place in a song it's supposed to be used, it's all up to what you think sounds good.
It makes you sound "bigger" if it's just applied to the guitar (i.e. spring reverb on an amp) mines always on.
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its been said that almost every recording you will ever hear has at least some reverb in it.

most people use it for the subtle change it gives to your sound. just try playing around with it til you find something that you like.

there are people that are not included in "most people" above...some people, although i dont know if he specifically uses reverb to this level, like buckethead, are known for taking their effects beyond the subtle level most people use. You could always try turning the reverb all the way up and seeing how crazy weird "omg wtf was that" kinda sound you can get.
I always use reverb, i have it dialled in at 1 all the time- just a bit, makes the guitar sound a bit less "clinical" IMHO, for want of a better phrase.
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For my style of playing (Rockabilly), I'm bound for it. And further, it indeed contributes for a larger sound and it adds a kind of dimension w/c some people would term it as heavenly sweet. The amount of it will depend on your taste. You might not want to use it after all for some particular songs. If you want to hear some real reverb w/c is authoritatively abusive, check out Dick Dale's stuff. Talk about authentic surf music!