ive recently been thinking about purchasing this guitar in the next year along with an amp. my questions are how well does it stay in tune? the bridge looks very cheap, are there any problems with it? the pickups are said to be muddy, is this true?
Mine hold tuning VERY well. Just as good as any other guitar with a hardtail.
The pickups are low quality though. They didnt really impress me...
I swapped out the bridge for a Dimarzio Evolution and its what I mainly use. I think its a great guitar now.

Mine came setup perfect aswell, Its as comfortable as my Jackson Dinky after setup.
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i would play metal on it, mostly death metal and i would really want the low B to be clear so what would be a good bridge pickup for that?
Most people rave about Steve Vai's various signature pickups so you might want to try DiMarzio Blazes and/or Evos.

If you're in the UK you should look into Bareknuckle Pickups as well; they are absolutely top of the range.
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