Well I'm saving up money for a new amplifer. My budget is 1,500. Most watts That i would need is 15.I want it british voiced.I stuff from jimmy page,jimi hendrix,john frusiciante,angus young. I would like it to be in a head form.
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orange tiny terror. the first three artists all use marshall (frus also uses a fender amp) in case you were wondering.
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I know I though angus young used them too

i figured, but i don't know anything about angus young so i wasn't gonna say anything.

you could look for a used tube marshall, but that would be too much wattage for you. so i think a tiny terror is a good option for you.
for lower wattage, i would recommend:

Koch studiotone (20W)
Soldano astroverb (20W)
THD univalve (15W)
Dr. Z Carmen Ghia or Maz-18 (18W)
Budda Superdrive II (18W)
Vox AC15HTVH (15W)
Orange Tiny Terror (15W)

i think youd probably be happy with any of those, but the tiny terror is cheapest and still very good
also forgot to mention the 1,500 has to be shared with the guitar cab.
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also forgot to mention the 1,500 has to be shared with the guitar cab.

doesn't change much. you don't have to get the matching cab if you don't want. you could get a marshall cab.
ok? just saying w/e head has to leave enough money for a guitar cabinet
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Maybe a Metropoulos or Ceriatone 18 watt Marshall clone? I've heard good things about both companies.

EDIT: I'm not sure Metropoulos makes an 18 watter, but Ceriatone does.
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