3 days ago, I stopped by a guitar shop in a small town a little ways from here to meet someone who was offering a few guitars over the internet. He was originally trying to sell me a Mexican Strat, but he had a few other guitars there that I messed around with, until I picked up an Ibanez SA120. The feel of the guitar, the weight, and DiMarzio pickups he had in it just made it perfect for my style of playing. I went ahead and bought it from him.

Now I'm just doing the basics. Checking the intonation, cleaning, restringing, checking the action, etc. However, I took it down to a local guitar shop today to have a tech check it out. The only thing he did to it was tighten the springs behind the Bridge, which is a SAT-30 apparently. I don't believe that it's a floating bridge, although I am unfamiliar with Trem setups, since all of the guitars I had before were Hardtail.

I measured the height of the strings above the 12th fret, and it read 3-3.5/32nds of an Inch. I'm wanting to drop it to at least a 2 or lower(for speed, obviously). However, this tech swore up and down that there is no adjustment for the height of the strings. He told me my only option was to unbolt the neck and stick something in between the body and the neck to raise it closer to the strings, and bolt it back on. He suggested picks, plastic cards, and a few other things.

I can't help thinking that he's wrong. Each of the saddles/pegs that hold the strings have two small holes that look like they have screws underneath them that attach to the plate. It's too small for me to tell what type of tool I need, if they can even be adjusted at all, but it looks like some of the saddles/pegs are lower than the others, especially as the strings get thinner(g,b,e). I'm thinking that I might be able to adjust the string height here? Does anyone know?

Here's a pic of the type of bridge the guitar has. I will try and find a digital camera to take close up pics with:

The Light Green arrows point at where the holes are located. There are two on each saddle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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he also has a intonation one... and this helps too:


you want your string height to be 4/64 of an inch(normal) or 3/64(if you solo/shred a lot)
on the 17th fret. Make sure you do it one the fret, not the fret board, but the fret( the silver line) and then do your intonation.

I think he knows what a fret is.
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