I did an acoustic cover of Creep, its in my profile, any comments or criticism would be appreciated. Dont be afraid of hurting my feelings I can take it.
I liked it actually. Great guitar, and you're really good vocalist. The only complaint I have was that in some parts the vocals sounded kind of more upbeat, country-like and happier compared to the depressing song.

Great job though. And could I could tab for the acoustic? It would be much appreciated
There was some staticy stuff over the top? Not sure what was causing that.

The guitar work is pretty well done and the vox is impressive. I wish I had a voice like you! I really enjoyed this actually, I'd invest in some better recording gear though, or fix that static. Maybe it's just my computer. The "nooo" part sounded a bit strange, but other than that it's perfect. The high notes were done pretty well.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=924826 c4c? I'd appreciate it
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you have a good voice, and you sing well
you still got few things to work on -
when you're doing the high notes still aren't perfect and could be much better
and yeah the "noo" part was strange
Thanks for the replies, I recorded it off my laptop mic, thats probably why it sounds "weird". As for the tab, I was pretty much just playing the chords, which i got off this site. And yeah the high notes probably could use a little more work.

drossboot i left a comment for arms wide open.
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that was pretty good...
even the high parts at the end were quite well done!
this was a pretty good cover. guitarwork and vocals sounded good and worked well together.

however, at points it didn't seem like your style was keeping with the style of the song. this is a very sad song after all. some points it sounded like "hooray! no one likes me"

but good job! keep doin covers.
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"hooray! no one likes me"

lol yeah, I get your point, Ill keep that in mind.
Very good voice for this song man. Actually for rock in general, you've got a low end growl going on. Lol.
But for real, nice job.
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