im pretty new to the guitar (id say about a year now)....and i was wondering...
i have the boss super overdrive pedal (sd-1?) and i was thinking of switching to that pro co rat 2
anybody have opinions on that? ive heard of those jeykll and hyde ones too and the bad monkey and not too much else

i guess i kind of want something versatile...but mostly something on the lighter end
a lot of times i want a smooth,bright,sweet, but still harsh sound (kind of heard that description for those gretsch pickups, theres this band that uses the malcolm young guitar, but theyre not hard rock, with overdrive and ive always loved how it sounded), or a fat solo sound or whatever (pretty much the only ones i can play is stairway to heaven, if you consider my playing actual playing, maybe 2 or 3 weezer songs, nothing big), and ive always wondered what a super fuzzy sound felt like
Sounds to me like you need overdrive but we need to know more about your gear/guitar/influences before we can give any advice.

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ummm....i have a prs se singlecut...with some crate amp...and i have that sd-1 overdrive pedal and a digitech deigidelay too

o yea and i like a lot of stuff...i guess indie/alternative or something

radiohead definitely, muse for the fuzziness, and interpol because whenever i just kind of noodle on the guitar it comes out as something like them or a post-punk kind of band or whatever
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