So I was at guitar center and I tried the Epi Les Paul Jr and it wasnt a total junk guitar. So after I get a Gibson I'm gonna go and pick up one. I was thinking one night and I was like, I have no experience with doing anything but playing a guitar, so I decided that when I get the Jr I'm going to do a bit of stuff to it, and I was wondering if you guys think I could.
What I'm gonna do:
-Make some design on it( not really that important but just for looks)
-Put on new tuners, probably some Klusons
-Take out what ever pickup it has and replace it with a P90
-take off the pickguard and fill in the holes some how
-put a Les Paul pickguard onto it.

so all i'm asking is if you think i can do all of that without to much of a struggle.

ty in advance
i wouldnt get the j just get the special 2
i thinks its better, in my opinion, its just 70 bucks more
becareful about the pickguard part. sometimes theres no wood under it so.....ull be stuck fillin a guitar with woodfiller if its true. just think it thru first
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Well I'm not buying it based on what is better, I like the Jr but I really don't want to do all this to a Gibson, in case I mess up

Umm I'll check next time I go to guitar center if theres wood under it.
save your money
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Umm I don't really know what design I'm going to do yet because I haven't bought the guitar I need a Gibson first.

Don't worry though after I get my the JR I'll come back and do a whole thread on my customizing it.
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