I got $170, I'm going to the music store tomorrow and I want to buy a Multi FX pedal, what sort of things should I look for in one of these? Chances are I'm going to go through their used box first and see what they got, I seen one of these there before for only $70 still in the box (although used), but I had literally JUST spent $400 buying a new Les Paul, so I had no money for it, obviously when I went back like 2 days later it was gone..

I really want a Multi FX for 3 things:

Make my electric sound more like an acoustic (so I can switch easier, like in songs like 'Closer to the Heart' by Rush).

Wah (just want to try it, actually)

Reverb (give some power to my solos)

I've never had a FX processor nor a pedal, nor have I ever used either, which is why I'm asking you guys what I should be looking for?

I was going to buy the Zoom G2.1u, but I can't find it on the net for less then $200 (after shipping and all). I'll check if they have one there, as this is the only pedal I have info about (good for beginner pedal users).
i have a digitech rp250 that im pretty happy with

it has an acoustic/dreadnought setting that will even make a dimebucker pickup sound like an acoustic guitar

the wah on it is perfect for "just trying out"

has like 5 or 6 kinds of reverb, i dont use the pedals i just my amps so i can't really tell you how good it is. i would imagine its alright.

at first i wasn't happy with my pedal, but i grew to like it.

remember, multi effects will be the jack of all trades, but the king of none...the "real" individual pedals will always sound better. but if you're like me this is good enough for now. (and for alot less $$)
For that kind of money buying new I agree with SpeedLives on the RP250. It has USB connectivity for preset editing and recording, plus a drum machine. It also has the newer AudioDNA2 chip. I can dial in some good tones with my GNX that uses the older AudioDNA chips so I know you can do it with the RP250.
The digitech RP series is to find out what you like. I have the rp50 and its ok if you just want to fool around, or add some cool sounds to arsenal. However, if you are serious about guitar, and want to really dial in some nice tones, I'd wait and get a nice one. With effects you get what you pay for, I'd say either buy stomp boxes one at a time, or go all out and spend at least 250-300 on a multi-effects. Stomp boxes will last a lifetime (nice ones anyways), and usually have high quality sound. Multi-effects are more "toys". IMO obviously.
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