Hey guys our band's name is Clearwater and we have 2 new songs on our myspace page that we have wrote and are expecting lots more. We are a small band from Tennessee and we hope to start playing around more. We are pretty good for our age and we have some really good lyrics...

The url is http://www.myspace.com/clearwatercztd

We are saving to buy some better recording gear that's better than the Rockband USB mic that we are using now lol. So check us out and leave us a reply on what you think and you can also send us a request!
really dig "Tired of You," I think you guys need a bass player, because it would add alot to your cover of "Gimme Three Steps."
Thanks, we have a bass player now, we just have to show him the songs, but thanks for the compliment
Listening right now:

Tired of You- I love the progression in this song. Gives a great feeling, and has a LOT of potential. The only thing that needs work is the power of the vocals/drums in this song. Hard to hear the emotion in the vocal track with the song, and sometimes the notes just sound 'dead'. The drummer can place some good rolls going into choruses that would build even MORE emotion if the vocalist delivers as well. The solo had a lot of off-key moments, and a lot of the bends weren't tuned properly to the key of the song. But I think with some work on those points this song will seriously KICK ASS.

Gimme Three Steps- Very enjoyable. Lack of bass keeps this song at it's full potential though. That can be fixed easily though.

I'm Gonna Fly- Also another good framework of a song. Same flaws that "Tired of You" suffers from. Bass is also extremely dominating and doesn't 'add' to the song in this case.

Enjoyable nonetheless. Hope you guys start kicking up some more stuff to listen to. Felt rather good to listen to a skynyrd-esque band right now.


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It sounds like you've got good songs here, but they sound absolutely terrible due to the quality. In "Tired of You" I really wish I could hear the vocals - turn them up when you've got a chance. The guitar solo sounds out of tune. The drummer needs to work on keeping a more solid beat - there were a few times where it seemed as if he was slipping up and playing kind of off.

Overall you guys sound pretty good, and with a bit of practice i think everything would sound a LOT better. Nice stuff.
Yeah we're saving up for some better equipment.. It makes things seem out of tune sometimes. Thanks for the advice!