i'm wanting to buy a delay pedal
i'v narrowed it down to the boss dd-6 and the boss dd-7
i'm wondering what one i shood get because i relised that in some shops the dd-6 was getting sold for more than the dd-7
just thought that the dd-6 might be more high quality or is there a reason????

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why spend $50 to get features i wouldn't use?

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the dd-3 is great for just plain delay, if you want those extra features, the dd-7 is way better than the dd-6
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If you don't need the digital features then you should take a look at the MXR Carbon Copy.
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Neither get the DD-5. Especially if you want a DD with a good amount of features at a good price. It's got a option to plug in a tap tempo switch as well. It's also my favorite sounding of the DD series.

If you are interested in one PM me. I'm selling one and I'll hook you up at a good price.
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why spend $50 to get features i wouldn't use?

the extra features are very very very useful. tap tempo is a very good thing to have.
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