Ok so I just started playing guitar about 3 months ago and im really into blues....Right now i have a ****ty line 6 spider 15watt and im starting to save for THE amp the one that im going to use for a very very very long time.....Basicly im looking at either a Fender Twin Reverb,Fender Deluxe Reverb,Fender Blues Junior, and the Vox Ac30 Im the most seriouse about the deluxe the twin and the ac30.........When i play rock i really want that marshally ballsy crunchy sound
I wont be playing metal.....My current guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Custom i will eventually get a Strat but the amp comes first... Im basicly going to get my amp off ebay because i will never have the budget of $1000 however i can spend less than $800......if you are one who says get a fender than tell me about a good distortion pedal i should consider i already plan to get a blues driver for an srv sound.....Which should i get im pretty befuddled
Oooo and......I will mostly be playing in my bedroom however in a year or so when i get good enough to carry a song I will be playing In bar sizes venues and i practice with a band every wendsday.....so yea......I dont want to give up quality just because i will be in my bedroom playing alot. HELP PLEASE!!!
sorry about that guys i dident relize that i posted it in here my bad if you still want to help me im gunna repost this in the gear and acc. section thanks
and sorry again