i know this is old but maybe you still need help
i just bought a rotovibe off ebay for 80 dollars. it sounds amazing, worth 5 times as much as i paid for it
go with that

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Eh, I don't really think the Rotovibe is that amazing. It's not as much as a "whoosh" as the original Univibe, its more of a "waash". I don't know how else to describe it, sorry for the cheesy analogies.

The Dunlop Reissue isn't bad. It's what I've got and I use it alot. I wish it could get a little more intense, but it's pretty good. A really good one is the Effectrode Tube Vibe. It's really expensive, but it's definitely worth it. Better than the Dunlop.
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i literally just ordered a BBE Soul Vibe pedal. you can find it on ebay for 100 bucks easily.
when it comes in the mail i will make a review of it im sure.
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