hey, i have a MIM SSS Fender Strat. I have stock pickups, and i wanna swap out the bridge soon. i got my guitar for 300$ used at GC. i liked it alot, and there was nothing else good in the price range so i got it. But, i need a new amp. i have about 300$ to spend on one. so, i have 2 questions. which pickups should i swap out of the bridge to get a nice hard rock/ metal sound, and which amp should i get for 300$. i was thinking like a vox or somthin. thanks
good amps to look at:

Vox AD30VT


Roland 30X

i myself prefer the 30x but can't go wrong with either.
i was thinking of the hotrail. i got one close for 50$ they also have the Junior JB for 50$ but i want a nice, hardrock metal tone. The amp, i wanted to get a Vox AD50VT if i could find one used, or a 30 new. i will have about 300-350 to buy with i hope.
focus on the amp brother...

if you want more advice post over in Guitar Gear Forum...

Vox VT 30 is a good choice I think. Not my thing...but not bad either. Can you buy used?

Also, very easy to go to HSS if you want but I would still do that later...