yeah it's not to bad.... looks like a knob when he plays thou...
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dimebag420666 wrote:

i play guitar with my penis
I've been listening to him for awhile, I love his stuff. I would kill to be able to play that guitar too.

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Charlie Hunter is ****ing awesome. Anything he's done has been golden. I saw him live my freshman year, when he played at Ithaca. Incredible ****. His **** with Stanton Moore or Garage a Trois is probably my favorite, though I dig couple of his solo albums too - "Natty Dread" being a really interesting take on Bob Marley.

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He's a great player. Check out Garage a Trois.

Garage a Trois is some pretty groovy ****. Stanton Moore is an animal.
I havent checked him out yet but he plays at the venue where I work like every other week. Probably should give him a go.