If this has been posted before i'm sorry, just a noob in a spot of pain.

For the last few days i've been playing guitar, practically non-stop. I'd say about 8-10 hours a day. Not exactly practicing, just...experimenting. Learned how to tap and make it sound good, and worked on tremolo picking.

But I noticed admist one of my improvised jams, that the joint where my wrist meets my hand hurts pretty bad whenever I strum (this is my right hand, obviously) so my question is Is there such a thing as overplaying, why does it hurt so much, is there a technical name for it like "repeated movement disorder" or something, and how do I make it go away?
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Yes, you can get hurt from playing too much. My advice is to stop playing guitar till the pain goes away.
well, if you play that much hours in one day, you'll experience some discomfort at first, but after a while it'll get better, it's like running your first marathon after you've accomplished your first hard one, you could do the same run and then some more the next time.
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If it hurts, stop. The pain is happening to let you know that your over doing it. There are diseases like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Tendinitis related to the hand.
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If you have a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, your guitar playing is screwed.
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I have cracking sounds coming from both my left and right wrist joints.... Just cut down to 4-5 hours a day. It should be fine.
practicing is good, but not that much. try to lessen it a little.

what kind of pain is it? is it just a little ache, or is it unbearable pain?
I am getting that, sharp arm pains from tremolo picking alot, I take asprin and wait 3 days before playing again, i had to put bengay on it, it really hurts if you keep playing.
The pain's non-existant until I start strumming, then it starts small and intensifies as my playing does.

And again, I wasn't really playing, I was just kinda jamming. I know it's not Carpel Tunnel and I actually have Tendonitis in my ankles, but I get what you guys are sayin'. Thanks for the help.
You know, you're probably reading this saying "Hey, I'm bored, maybe this'll be funny?"
It's not. Too bad. No, I am not refunding you those 6 seconds of your life. So :P

I would recommend against more than six hours of physical practice a day. Even 4 to five is a better number (two separate 2.5 hour sessions). Especially when working on physically demanding stuff it truly is dangerous to play 8 to 10 hours (you wouldn't lift weights 10 hours a day without getting demolished), and furthermore, your brain can only really handle a finite amount of new info per day before it begins to tune out. This summer I was averaging 50 hours a week and after less than a month really started to feel swamped and unproductive because I wasn't giving my brain and body enough time to digest everything. That's just me personally of course, but I can guarantee you that if you stick to 4-6 hours a day you'll be able to shred anybody's face off any time, no problem and your hands wont be in pain. The real key is playing every single day, even if for only 2-3 hours, and being focused and productive when you practice.
If you can't bear to do music stuff for only six hours a day I would recommend spending your other time reading up on music theory, lightly practicing scales, chord shapes, sight reading, songwriting, recording, singing, stuff like that...

And make sure you stretch your hands well in all directions for a few minutes before, during, and after playing. You should take about a 10 min break every hour and stretch if you want to keep those hands safe from carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury