I was going to get a Seymour Duncan sh-6 bridge humbucker pickup for my guitar and I came across this thing called a trembucker. Now, my guitar has a licensed floyd Rose temolo on it, so would i need to get the trembucker?
Yes, since Fender trems and their derivatives (AKA the floyd rose and Wilkinson VS100/VSVG) have a wider string spacing than Gibson bridges and their derivatives (mainly combo bridge/tailpiece pieces, as well as the Schaller roller bridge). The Kahler vibrato/tremolo is cool because its saddles can be moved side to side, so the spacing is easily changed to your liking, or to a pickups polepiece spacing.
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Yeah, trembucker's (also called F-spaced humbuckers) are designed to be used with tremolo guitars

rly??.....thats freaking awesome lol why?

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one blackened said it.....if you have a Strat style guitar get a trembucker...It is the same thing but the pole pieces on pup (the little round silver dealy's) line up under the strings better.

the regular SH's will work too but get the TB's. (Duncan Speak)