Well i've only been serious about guitar for about four months now, but i'm still having problems with my fingers flying everywhere. (mainly pinky) I have been doing minimum movement exercises for probably a month now from 10 minutes up to an hour per day. (normally 30-40 minutes) and I am at the point where I can control my fingers fairly well (besides my pinky...)

I've heard its probably because my pinky is too weak. I use it at often as I can while playing/practicing the guitar, but are there any ways to strengthen it while away? I have a gripmaster I bought maybe a two weeks ago and i've been using that, but i'm not sure if its helping at all.
The most effective thing to do is simply to make a point of using it when you play, it'll gradually improve.
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Practice makes perfect. Do you have small hands? I have fairly small hands and it makes it harder to stretch/finger some chords etc.
Well, for what you want a gripmaster isn't a scam. What some people claim it can do might be, but anything that has resistance can strengthen anything to a point.

Not much else to do besides do things that get that pinky working. Obviously keep using it more while practicing guitar, and while away I would find out all the exercises for the gripmaster and do the ones you can isolate your pinky and do until it's up to snuff with the rest of your hand.

If you are right handed it might also help you to do things with your left that you normally do with your right. That's a slow way I've known people who wanted to be ambidextrous go about it. I don't know how it would do for your pinky, but it should strengthen your hand as a whole, so I'm assuming it will affect your pinky some.
I have a similar problem with my pinky except my biggest issue is when I start playing my pinky stretches up and outwards kind of like what you see when fancy people drink tea, its weird and im having hell trying to stop it.
The more you play the stronger it gets, just dedicated some time to doing the major scale and it slowly but surely will become stronger.
Just tap your fingers when you're not playing, trying to hit what you're hitting as hard as possible (as if you were hammering on).

I did this for a week, and my pinky was considerably stronger. It went from basically no strength, to being able to hammer on and pull off consistently with it.
Maybe use a stress ball and strengthen the fingers that are weak with that? It's what I'm trying to do right now
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not real popular round here but guitar hero helped my little finger a bit... its still feeble compared to the others but its getting better... and what fun!
Thank you please.

see these patterns?...(check out link above)..

practice like 2 a day for about 20 minutes each.... with a metronome... starting slowwww.. maybe around 80 bpm if your intermediate.. and make sure you play it all clean and lovely like. and do it on the first fret... seventh fret.. and 14th fret..... slowly build up the pace ye... in a week you'll start noticing the difference in all your fingers, not just the pinky..

19-24 are specially intended for pinky strength and co-ord, so maybe hook up those ones first. =]

good luck shred boy. mwahahaha.