Hey everyone, I did a search, but couldn't find any other threads on this.
Here in Canada, our national network, the CBC, is holding a nationwide contest to find a new theme for its "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcast.

I decided to post a link to my entry here, in the hopes that some of you might give me your feedback, especially with regard to the mix, as this is probably the first time I've really put effort into mixing a multi-part song. If some of the suggestions are plausible, I might just incorporate them into another entry, the contest doesn't close until the end of this month.

If any of you like what you hear, please feel free to register at the site and post a positive comment for me, every little bit helps!

Thanks for taking the time!

yeah man that's pretty alright. definitely a little catchy tune. i can see myself hummin that
best of luck
It's hard to believe they are letting go of the classic Hockey Night In Canada theme. I guess it's time for new traditions.

I think you have a very impressive entry. Your guitar-playing is flawless and the piece is well-composed. The ending is perfect; it's as though Ron MacLean will appear on the screen the next moment. I do think that the mix is a bit generic and could probably benefit from bass. There is a strange channel pan/volume drop at 0:42. It may be helpful to make the piece shorter but punchier -- something that will deliver power and excitement from the very opening.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I know what you're saying about the pan/volume thing, I noticed that after I submitted it, but I'm not totally sure how to fix it. I think it's being caused by the fact that I recorded the main guitar part twice, and panned them left/right, but one track ended slightly earlier than the other. Then when I mixed the track, the compressor plugin didn't handle the difference very well and made it sound strange. I figure to fix it, I would need to either re-record the guitar parts in the hopes of making them a closer fit, or learn how to automate the compressor plugin so that it doesn't mangle things at that moment. I'll have to give that some thought!

I agree with what you said about the old anthem, I have a hard time imagining the show without it, it was a part of their identity. I don't know all of the details behind why they lost it, but I'm not sure I see how they're saving money by holding this contest rather than just paying for the rights to the original song... I just hope they find something that works nearly as well as the original... some of the entries on that site scare me tbh